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Hi, I'm Sarah Louise Lilley

I felt so frustrated….

I had a minor fall while horse riding and broke my finger.

It wasn’t a big deal and I was back on a horse in a couple of months. But I had this low level anxiety I couldn’t shake…

It was soooooo annoying. It was ruining my favorite thing to do.

I’d always been a confident rider. I had other falls. What the F&^! was going on?

To top it off I was a mindset coach at the time! I was using ALL my tools and I couldn’t shake it.


➡️ I visualized….
➡️ I used positive self-talk…
➡️ I accepted the element of risk in the sport
➡️ I rode a different horse
➡️ I hired another mindset coach..

So what does my fall have to do with your phobia?

Because my anxiety was not in my head, it was in my body.

And your phobia is the same!

No amount of talking about it, prepping or thinking positively will change how your body reacts.

To quote the seminal Bessel Van Der Kolk “The Body Keeps the Score.”

It wasn’t until I worked with an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, aka EFT or “Tapping” and explored my body’s reactions that I was able to move past my anxiety.

Yes! The thing that finally helped me was tapping on 9 acupressure points on my face and torso! (Studies show it sends calming signals to the brain and rewires your neural pathways.)

Suddenly I felt in control again, I could choose how I wanted to show up as opposed to coming from a fearful place.

And just like my anxiety, your phobia is a solvable problem too.

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